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July.25,1993 Established Asia Special Valve Co.
Aug,1993 Metal Seat Ball Valve the beginning localization reclamation
Sep, 1993 Started exporting INDIAMESIAN Ball Valve
Nov, 1993 Company registration The Korea Water Resources Development Corporation
Oct, 1994 LG Chem is the development of delivery (Full Jacketed Metal Seat Ball Valve)
Dec, 1994 Started exporting Japan Haruta Gate Valve
Mar, 1995 Renamed Top Valve & Moved to Sasang-Gu, Busan
May, 1995 Started exporting Pakistan Strainer
Aug, 1996 Started exporting Gate Valve (Canada Velan Valve )
Nov, 1997 LG Construction is the development of delivery
Dec, 1997 Korea District Heating Corporation, supplies strainer
July, 1998 Taean thermal power plant supplies strainer
July, 1998 Hadong thermal power plant supplies strainer
Feb, 1999 Moved to Gimhae?city, Gyeongnam
Feb, 1999 Company registration The LG Electronics
( Development of an underwater motor pump parts)
Aug, 1999 Patent Registration valve housing pipe connection (No:0168535)
Sep, 1999 Patent Registration Strainer(Y,Bucket,T,Duplex type) (No:0170452)
Sep, 1999 High temperature and high pressure Metal Seat Ball valves, Patent Registration(No:0179852)
Sep, 1999 Protection type valve side glass valves, Patent Registration (No:0170282)
Sep, 1999 Patent Registration Screw Bonnet Valve (No:0170852)
Dec, 2003 Company registration The Kumgang Valve Corp.
Jun, 2004 Moved to Jangyu , Gimhae-city ,Gyeongnam
Oct, 2004 Moved to Daejeo-dong,Gangseo-Gu, Busan
Aug, 2008 Purchase a building site for Castin & seting Factory
(Jilrye , Sanbon -ri Gimhae Gyeongnam)
Jun, 2009 Moved to Jinae-dong, Gimhae-city, Gyeongnam
Oct, 2009 Acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Nov, 2009 Company registration - POSCO
Nov, 2009 Approved Gas Valve Manufacture by KGS
Jun, 2010 Company registration - KOLON
Jun, 2010 Moved to Sangdong, Gimhae-city, Gyeongnam
Apr, 2012 Acquired of FIRE SAFETY(PTS)
May, 2012 Acquired of API-6D
Dec, 2012 Established R&D Center
Dec, 2012 Received 1 Million Dollar Export Tower Award on 49th Trade Day
Nov, 2013 Received of SME Quality Award
Dec, 2013 Received 5 Million Dollar Export Tower Award on 50th Trade Day
Apr, 2014 Company registration - NIOC (No : 181955)
Jun, 2014 Acquired of CE 0035
Oct, 2014 Company registration - IOOC (No : 523)
Dec, 2014 Received 10 Million Dollar Export Tower Award on 51th Trade Day
Mar, 2015 Acquired of FIRE SAFETY(BV)
Mar, 2015 Company registration - ICOFC
Jun, 2015 Company registration - NIGC